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Lenovo 45W USB-C Charger ADLX45ULCC2A for Chromebook100e-81ES

Type-C AC Adapter

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Lenovo 45W USB-C Charger ADLX45ULCC2A for Chromebook100e-81ES Type-C AC Adapter Product introduction 
Brand: Lenovo Input: 100 ~ 240V 1.6A 50~60Hz Output: 20V 2.25A--15V 3A--9V 2A--5V 2A Max power: 45Watt Model number: ADLX45YCC3A Connector size: Type-C or USB-C(reference the pictures) Warranty: 3 Years Condition: 100% new and Genuine,get from the factory directly,so in bulk package,Power cord is fit for your country or send me message to tell me what you need Part Numbers: 00HM661, 00HM667, 02DL122, 02DL102, 00HM663, 00HM665, 02DL100, 02DL104, 02DL118, 02DL120, SA10E75839, SA10E75841, SA10E75843, 02DL147, 5A10W86242, 02DL123, 02DL105, 02DL148, 02DL119, 02DL121, 00HM668, 00HM662, 00HM666, 00HM664, 02DL103, 02DL101, 5A10W86243 OEM Part Numbers: ADLX45YLC3A, ADLX45YCC3A, ADLX45YDC3A, ADLX45YAC3A, 4X20M26260, ADLX45YLC2D, ADLX45YDC2D, ADLX45YCC2D, ADLX45YLC2E, ADLX45YCC2A, ADLX45YDC2A, ADLX45YLC2A Compatible Machines: 100e 2nd Gen Notebook - 81M9 14W - 81WX 300e 2nd Gen Notebook - 81MA Chromebook100e - 81ES Chromebook100e 2nd Gen - 81MB Chromebook100e 2nd Gen AST - 82CE Chromebook100e 2nd Gen MTK - 81QC Chromebook14e - 81MQ Chromebook300e - 81JL Chromebook300e 2nd Gen - 81MC Chromebook300e 2nd Gen AST - 20H9, 20HA Chromebook300e 2nd Gen MTK - 20KJ, 20KK Chromebook500e - 20H9, 20HA Chromebook500e 2nd Gen - 81QB ChromebookC330 - 81JW ChromebookC340-11 - 81TB ChromebookC340-15 - 81TA ChromebookLenovo 10e Tablet - 20N3 ChromebookS330 - 81JX ChromebookS340-14 - 81V3 ChromebookS340-14 Touch - 82BA ChromebookS345-14AST - 81M8 ChromebookYoga C630 - 20N8 IdeaPad 3 CB-11IGL05 - 82BB IdeaPad 3 CB-14IGL05 - 82CD IdeaPad 5-14ARE05 - 81YM IdeaPad 5-14IIL05 - 81YH IdeaPad 720S-13ARR - 81BV IdeaPad 720S-13IKB - 81BR, 81A8 IdeaPad 720S-13IKB - 81C3, 81BV IdeaPad 730S-13IWL - 81JB IdeaPad D330-10IGM - 81HY IdeaPad Flex 3 CB-11IGL05 - 82C1 IdeaPad Flex 5-14ARE05 - 81X2 IdeaPad Flex 5-14IIL05 - 81X1 IdeaPad Flex 5-15IIL05 - 81X3 IdeaPad Flex Pro-13IKB - 81TF IdeaPad S540-13API - 81XC IdeaPad S540-13IML - 81XA IdeaPad S940-14IWL - 81R0 IdeaPad Slim 7-14IIL05 - 82A4 IdeaPad Slim 7-15IIL05 - 82AD Lenovo Ducati 5 - 82ES Lenovo Tablet 10 - 20L3, 20L4 Lenovo USB-C Mini Dock - 40AU Miix 630-12Q35 Tablet - 81H3, 81MD ThinkBook 13s-IML - 20RS ThinkBook 14s-IML - 20RX, 20RY Thinkpad11e 5th Gen (Type 20LR 20LQ) - 20LS, 20LT, 20LQ, 20LR Thinkpad11e Chrombook 4th Gen - 20JB, 20JC, 20HX, 20J0 Thinkpad11e Yoga Gen 6 (Type 20SE 20SF) - 20SY, 20SF, 20SE, ThinkpadA275 - 20KE, 20KF, 20KD, 20KC ThinkpadA285 - 81H0, 20MX, 20MW, ThinkpadA475 - 20KN, 20KQ, 20KM, 20KL ThinkpadA485 - 20MW, 20MX, 20MV, 20MU ThinkpadE14 (Type 20RA, 20RB) - 20RA, 20RB ThinkpadE15 (Type 20RD, 20RE) - 20RD, 20RE ThinkpadE480 (Type 20KN, 20KQ) - 20KS, 20KT, 20KQ, 20KN ThinkpadE485 (Type 20KU) - 20KV, 20KU ThinkpadE490 (Type 20N8, 20N9) - 20NB, 20N9 ThinkpadE490s (Type 20NG) - 20NJ, 20NK ThinkpadE495 (Type 20NE) - 20NF ThinkpadE580 (Type 20KS 20KT) - 20KU, 20KT, 20KS, ThinkpadE585 (Type 20KV) - 20L3, 20L4, 20KV, ThinkpadE590 (Type 20NB, 20NC) - 20NG, 20NC, 20NB, ThinkpadE595 (Type 20NF) - 20NG ThinkpadL13 Yoga (type 20R5, 20R6)s - 20R5, 20R6 ThinkpadL14 (type 20U1, 20U2)s - 20U1, 20U2 ThinkpadL380 (type 20M5, 20M6)s - 20M7, 20M8, 20M6, 20M5 ThinkpadL380 Yoga (type 20M7, 20M8)s - 20MU, 20MV, 20M8, 20M7 ThinkpadL390 (type 20NR, 20NS)s - 20NR, 20NS ThinkpadL390 Yoga (type 20NT, 20NU)s - 20NT, 20NU ThinkpadL480 (type 20LS, 20LT)s - 20LW, 20LX, 20LT, 20LS ThinkpadL490 (type 20Q5, 20Q6)s - 20Q5, 20Q6 ThinkpadL580 (type 20LW, 20LX)s - 20M5, 20M6, 20LX, 20LW ThinkpadL590 (type 20Q7, 20Q8)s - 20Q7, 20Q8 ThinkpadP43s (Type 20RH, 20RJ) - 20RH, 20RJ ThinkpadP51s (Type 20HB, 20HC) - 20HB, 20HC ThinkpadP51s (Type 20JY, 20K0) - 20JY, 20K0 ThinkpadP52s (Type 20LB, 20LC) - 20LB, 20LC ThinkpadP53s (Type 20N6, 20N7) - 20N6, 20N7 ThinkpadT470 (Type 20HD, 20HE) - 20HF, 20HG, 20HE, 20HD ThinkpadT470 (Type 20JM, 20JN) - 20KE, 20JN, 20JM, ThinkpadT470s (type 20HF, 20HG) - 20HM, 20HN, 20HG, 20HF ThinkpadT470s (type 20JS, 20JT) - 20JX, 20JT, 20JS, ThinkpadT480 (Type 20L5, 20L6) - 20L7, 20L8, 20L6, 20L5 ThinkpadT480s (type 20L7, 20L8) - 20L9, 20LA, 20L8, 20L7 ThinkpadT490 (Type 20N2, 20N3) - 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81J0 Yoga S940-14IWL - 81Q7 Yoga 720-13IKB - 81A8, 80X6 Yoga 720-13IKB - 81ER, 81C3 Yoga 730-13IKB - 81CT Yoga 920-13IKB - 80Y7 Yoga 920-13IKB Glass - 80Y8 Yoga C940-14IIL - 81Q9 Yoga Slim 7-14ARE05 - 82A2 Yoga Slim 7-14IIL05 - 82A1 Yoga Slim 7-15IIL05 - 82AA Also ensure work for :  DELL 45W USB-C TYPE C XPS12 9250 Lat 7350 20V2.25A Asus zenbook3 UX39UA, UX330UA-AH54 TYPE-C 45W 20V2.25A Asus transfomer 3 pro PN-LA01 HP X2 210 TYPE-C PA-1150-23HA 5.25V3A HP spectre 13 Elite x2 1012 TYPE-C 15V3A HP Pavilion x2: Pavilion x2 10-n054sa HP Specter 360,Specter Pro 13 HP Elite x2 45W 815049-001 A045R031L TPN-CA01 Macbook Retina 12 inches early 2015 14.5V2A Type-C Apple New Macbook 12" (2015) (2016) Apple MacBook Pro 13" 15" with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port Google Chromebook Pixel 2nd generation HUAWEI MateBook 12" Razer Blade Stealth Google Nexus 6P/5X Nexus 6P New Nokia N1 tablet ZUK Z1 OnePlus 2 Chromebook Pixel 2 C1501W Microsoft Lumia 950,Lumia 950XL Nokia N1 Tablet LG G5, Gram 15 Samsung Galaxy S7 Sony Xpera Z5 Acer Swift 7 Acer spin 7 Also fit for all phones and tablets with 45w USB-C connector. Package include
1 X AC Adapter
1X Power cord(Power cable) Shipping:
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Lenovo 45W USB-C Charger ADLX45ULCC2A for Chromebook100e-81ES Type-C AC Adapter
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